Minus Noble Qualities

“WE must, however, acknowledge, as it seems to me, that man with all his noble qualities….still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.”

Charles Darwin

I ran into this quote today and it just happened to make me laugh for a few minutes.  It was a nice distraction of the day.  Humor is the best medicine.

When I read the part of the lowly origin, all I could think about is responding to a call.  This call just happened to be at a cosmetology college.  I have to admit that this is not the first of its kind, in fact one can often hear the statement, “This ain’t my first rodeo.”

Even going to school to improve oneself, it still boils down to the lowly origin.  I wonder if it is just the cosmetology school or the people who attend the cosmetology school. No matter which, the fact of the matter is that when people of lowly origin want to solve a dating problem, it usually involves more family members, a fight, some negative and colorful language and someone to witness the immediate flight of one portion of the problem.

School administrators were surprised to hear a statement of mine.  I made the statement that those in the cosmetology field seem to settle their differences in such a manner, that this does not surprise me at all.  The Dean asked if I had experienced this before.  That is where the “this ain’t my first rodeo” quote came into play.

When she asked me what had happened, I responded, boy meets girl.  Boy and girl get mad at each other. Girl says some things about the boy. The boy says some things about the girl.  The boy gets mad and wants to find a girl to beat up his ex-girl.  Boy solicits sister and the task is accomplished.  Nothing like car loads of family coming to settle a boy girl relationship.

It is even better when the sisters beauty chair is right next to the ex-girl friends chair.  After all the punches make their connection, the last connection is the letter from the school.  Dear students, your outta here!

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It’s Not the Weather, It’s the Drivers


As you can tell from this photo, winter weather driving has more to do with the people who fail, more than it does the weather.

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I have been gone for a while.  I apologize, but life seemed a little hectic when I lost a phone.  The challenge to get things back has been real difficult.  But here I am working to make that change.

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A Beautiful Song

To all, may you all have a great Easter celebration and may you discover all those things in life that make you sing




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What Makes You Happy as You Journey Through….

What makes you happy as you journey through your day. If you are like me, you depend on an alarm clock to irritate you awake, then you move towards the shower and then dress for work. Everyday dull routines that have to be done, or we don’t make the necessary funds to further our play time.

In my life, there are always reasons to wake early and be happy about them. Some have someone special in their lives that they wake with, some are just happy to be able to awaken without disturbing someone else (the flip side is there is no one to disturb them either, each may have a benefit). But no matter what happens, when you wake up and decide that you are in a great mood for one reason or another, you should always show others. Walk with a spring in your step, smile and be very cordial with everyone you see.

Why you ask? Well this is better than any virus that can be spread on a computer or between other humans. This smile that you walk with is going to tell others it is a great day. They will begin to reflect off of you and smile themselves. As your day continues, you will continue to have an effect on many throughout your day.

Just think, when they encounter you, your contagious smile, then they will assimilate your actions, then they move on, smiling and affecting others. In just one hour, we could have a change of direction for many people as they go through the course of their day.

It is truly a “Wonderful World…..” Thank you Satchmo……….

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What the World Needs……

The world needs more people to slow down and take their time to enjoy life…..get things right…..and listen to people.

What would you do if you just stopped rushing around, sat and drank a cup of coffee? No paper, no magazine, just sit there listening to the sounds around you.

Give it a try. Slow your life down and enjoy the moment.

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Radically Honest

I have not been posting lately.  I guess that one could consider  this a writer’s block.  Well, I am learning to adjust to a whole new life so I am going to get back into the life a blogger.

So I found a saying that I really had to sit down and think about.

“Some people think I say inappropriate things…..I prefer to think of it as radical honesty.”

But what really gets to me is asking the question, “How am I radically honest with myself?”


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