One Man Can Change the World…

One man can change the world.

In a positive way.
In a negative way.

It is amazing how those changes transform the people around that person.

When the changes are positive, it transforms the people towards excitement, respect and joy.  The positive changes often create the greatest good.  The productivity soars, the atmosphere at work is positive and morale grows exponentially.

When the changes are negative, it transforms the people towards hatred and disrespect.  The negative changes often create the greatest harm.  It is disappointing to see this happen, and it is even more disappointing when those who have the ability to change the outcome sit idle and allow the destruction to occur.

In the workplace, these changes can be devastating towards the work group.  Left alone, this one man can change the productivity of the work group in a matter of months.

This is the classified place in which I work.  One person makes and breaks the classified place.  Left unchecked, the morale slowly disappears and productivity drops.  Employees bail from their positions.

I took the first life boat.  Those who have the ability made a personal observation, without facts and deemed the problem drifting away in the first life boat.

They continue to refuse to see the damage.  I guess they are either ignorant or stuck on a ship in which they can only feel that it is rocking like normal, within its waters, like a normal boat that is under its own power.

What they fail to see is a man, leaning over the side of the boat with a stick, stirring the waters so the boat rocks, but the water is under such turmoil that the ship is going nowhere.  The ship will soon be taking on water and those who are left on the ship will begin to have to make plans to abandon ship.

No alarm has sounded and yet there are those who are beginning to run towards the remaining life boats.  They see the turmoil and realize that this one man is destroying the vessel.

This is the classified place in which I work.

It is sad that those who have the ability are focused on something else and choose to ignore the out of control vessel.  I guess this really does prove the point that ‘IGNORANCE IS BLISS’, ‘IGNORANCE IS BLIND’ and a leader in a classified organization lacks the clarity of leadership.

FOCUS is not about solving some of the problem.  FOCUS is looking at the whole picture and determining that all parts are essential.  That all parts exist for a reason and that even though some of the parts do not address the problems that need to be solved, they are vital and must continue to serve the needs of the many.

This is the classified place in which I work.


About tourinaradiocar

I am an active radio car operator. I love to operate my radio and listening to the radio is a wonderful chore. Thanks to people like Phil, Cash, Carey, Brent and many others, it makes the time go by while driving around town.
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