“What convinces is conviction.”

“What convinces is conviction.”

In these days, you see many email signatures that include quotes from various individuals in the world. 

On Facebook, they have a spot for favorite quotes.

I see this trend in the world and wonder, “Are they listing the quote because they like it, or are they posting it for other reasons?”

I wonder if they are trying to display some conviction in the statement?

I have posted recently about choices, asking the right questions and decisions.  I guess I am truly on a path of discovery. 

While on this path, I wonder what type of shoes I would need to wear in order to travel on this path?

Having a metaphor to explore a situation gives the opportunity for one to really explore the possibilities that exist in a world. 

So why do people seek out quotes in their lives?

In this world, what would be the benefit for these quotes?

Can these quotes lead to positive change in an ever-changing world?

In this world, what would be the downside to these quotes?

Can these quotes have a negative affect on this ever-changing world?

How does the media play a role in quotes?

Do screen writers use quotes to develop movies?

Do writers use quotes to develop novels?

I would ask where do you find quotes, but I actually started with one in the title.  I also made reference to how people use quotes in their lives.

My title is from Lyndon Johnson.  I wonder in what context he was using this quote. 

This quote speaks to me of passion.  If you are passionate about something in your life, then you have a conviction.  Your zeal will often come forward and display your conviction, which can be quite convincing.

Is discovering the context of the quote important?

I see these quotes being used to impress others more than any type of instruction.

I post quotes, not to impress, but to actually reflect on the quote to determine a better path in life.

I have used several quotes on Facebook.  I have many, that I struggle everyday to live by and show others that, in my profession, compassion, leadership, discipline and many other attributes can be expressed.  Even though some do not like those concepts, I at least try to abide by them.

So I guess this is why I have used the title.  I am convicted.  Does my conviction convince you of my passion?

Another one I use, is not for anything but to remember that I do make mistakes.  In order to learn, I must reflect on those mistakes.  By exploring those mistakes, I know that I am truly living and not hiding under a rock.  I am willing to make mistakes and accept those mistakes.

That explanation really sends a message about my next quote from C. L. Lewis.  “Experience is the brutal of teachers.  But you learn, my God, do you learn.”

And then there is Desmond Tutu.  His quote about neutrality and justice really should shock people.  I think if more people realized their neutrality actually causes more problems, they would have more convictions in life.  But we have a tendency to repeat history too often.

No matter how intellectual you are, no matter how thought-provoking you can be, there are those who go through the motions.  There are some that will look at this post and explore it for themselves and might even take it to a group so it can be discussed.

And then there are those who are dreamers.  Like John Lennon.  His song, “Let it Be” speaks to the dreamer.  And Louis Armstrong’s “Its a Wonderful World” speaks too.  Discovering a world of passion, love, enthusiasm, possibilities and the willingness to actually look at the world and see how wonderful it really is can be very convincing.

How are you willing to explore the world?

I guess these are not actual questions you must answer.  If you tried, you might struggle with them too long and get lost.  But they are a way to look at the world and see, how wonderful it really is…….

Thanks Satchmo, for giving me a favorite song….


About tourinaradiocar

I am an active radio car operator. I love to operate my radio and listening to the radio is a wonderful chore. Thanks to people like Phil, Cash, Carey, Brent and many others, it makes the time go by while driving around town.
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2 Responses to “What convinces is conviction.”

  1. Tom Rink says:

    I usually post quotations because I like them and they usually make a point that makes sense and/or causes me to ponder my own life in reference to what is being quoted.

  2. Tom Rink says:

    And, if a jury can become convinced, then you are convicted!

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