How do we come to make decisions?

How often do we make decisions?

Are all decisions on the same level?

How do we differentiate between large and small decisions?

What does it take to make the right decision?

Is it possible to always make the wrong decision?

Is there a way to make better decisions?

In Paul’s Letter to the Romans, he wrote some words that could be construed as decision-making words (possibly). 

“Let love be genuine, hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good; love one another with mutual affection; outdo one another in showing honor.  Do not lag in zeal, be ardent in spirit, serve the Lord.  Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer.  Contribute to the needs of the saints; extend hospitality to strangers.”

If we use these words to rule our lives and look at them before we make decisions, we might change our life and those lives around us. 

Is it possible to make decisions with these words in mind?

Making decisions and thinking of others may not be the idea of decisions that we want, but I wonder how your life would change if you kept others on your mind as you made the decisions in your life.


About tourinaradiocar

I am an active radio car operator. I love to operate my radio and listening to the radio is a wonderful chore. Thanks to people like Phil, Cash, Carey, Brent and many others, it makes the time go by while driving around town.
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2 Responses to Decisions…..

  1. Tom Rink says:

    Very thought provoking. And, to answer the questions that you posed . . .
    1. Usually based upon whatever information we have at the time.
    2. Constantly.
    3. No.
    4. Is someone else impacted by my decision besides me?
    5. A lot of wrong decisions.
    6. No (sorry, the law of averages will come in to play eventually).
    7. Better information.
    8. Yes.

  2. I think that I have been in a very thought provoking mode lately. I also was surprised to see your answers. Thanks.

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