The Weekend Nears

For a majority of the employed, they enjoy their weekend. And for a majority, the weekend is defined as Saturday and Sunday.

There are those who have not shared the same weekend for many years. For those, they work at a job which requires employees to work around the clock. In their world, it’s called 24/7.

I have been afforded the luxury to have the opportunity to make those ‘normal’ weekends. But due to so many years of not having them, one gets used to having the ‘odd’ days off.

So, I post about my weekend about to end. As the day comes to an end, so does my weekend. Having Sundays and Mondays off is not that bad.

So for when ever you have a weekend, enjoy it! Last night I spend mine with a daughter, watching the Tulsa Shock. It was a nice evening.


About tourinaradiocar

I am an active radio car operator. I love to operate my radio and listening to the radio is a wonderful chore. Thanks to people like Phil, Cash, Carey, Brent and many others, it makes the time go by while driving around town.
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