The Legend remains

I know that records can be broken.  I also know that some people might think differently, but one of the greatest baseball players ever, hung up his jersey after 22 seasons, 10 world series and 714 home runs.

I was fascinated with Babe Ruth when I was a child.  I played baseball, hoping that I could do all those things that he did and even more. But what I realized was, even though I played baseball, I was never going to be in the same ball park as Babe Ruth.

George Herman Ruth was just like me, in at least of having aspirations of being something else.  He wanted to become a baseball manager for the Boston Braves.  But his aspiring hopes never became a reality.

When George Herman Ruth died, he laid in “state” at Yankee Stadium.  For two days, over 100,000 people came to see the infamous Babe Ruth and pay their respects.

I would wish that more people could become legends like Babe Ruth.  His legend definitely outlived the reality of heavy drinking and womanizing, but the honor that the media gave Babe Ruth stands out.


About tourinaradiocar

I am an active radio car operator. I love to operate my radio and listening to the radio is a wonderful chore. Thanks to people like Phil, Cash, Carey, Brent and many others, it makes the time go by while driving around town.
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