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You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

You can run, but you can’t hide is a saying that is well-known.  Well it is a true and accurate statement.  There were two things that happened yesterday to prove this statement once again. A Tulsa Police Officer, working traffic … Continue reading

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Will the Intolerance Improve?

I recently had a couple of experiences that really did not surprise me.   These experiences involved an individual who really has voiced his opinion about those in authority and has used some very profane words to describe his personal feelings … Continue reading

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Hypocritical Photographer?

On this historic day, the United States Supreme Court ruled on Miranda vs. Arizona. Miranda’s conviction was overturned and it established the Miranda Rights Waiver (short version). In light of this decision, there are many out there that seem to … Continue reading

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Only in America….

Is there someone who is willing to toss someone out for doing something that they should not do, in public. It is about time, we see someone take a stand and refuse service to those who obviously are disrespectful.  I … Continue reading

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Yellowstone Park, Tulsa Style

Well, I guess this is definitely the mark of summer in any community.  When we have to increase the water pressure due to high volume usage you get something extra special at times. Today, was a glimpse of what can … Continue reading

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D Day

1944, the beginning of the end.  And to all those who served on this day, THANK YOU!

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The Legend remains

I know that records can be broken.  I also know that some people might think differently, but one of the greatest baseball players ever, hung up his jersey after 22 seasons, 10 world series and 714 home runs. I was fascinated with … Continue reading

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