Humor is the Best Medicine

When you are down, and nothing is going right, sometimes the best thing that can happen is to laugh at yourself.  Then you can add a few others and it makes it fun.

The Little Know Facts website is a great place to start off on that need to heal.  This site can give you plenty to laugh about when laughter is missing in your life.

Here are a few signs that can make one laugh. On a Septic Tank Truck, the sign reads,
“This truck is full of political promises”.

On a plumbers truck, the sign reads, “We repair what your husband fixed”.

Hope your day is filled with Humorist medicine.


About tourinaradiocar

I am an active radio car operator. I love to operate my radio and listening to the radio is a wonderful chore. Thanks to people like Phil, Cash, Carey, Brent and many others, it makes the time go by while driving around town.
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