Someone Agrees

It is not often when you see journalists agreeing on something.  But this month, two of the largest Oklahoma papers agree.  Now I am not necessarily shocked, but they do bring up a good point.

Tulsa and Oklahoma City have always seem to be “in competition with each other”.  If it is the Tulsa Parks bike trail, or OU facilities or roads, there is always debate on what city has the best or seems to get the most.

But recently an editorial in The Daily Oklahoman proved to be quite interesting.  They reported that the bickering in Tulsa sure does make Oklahoma City look really good.  They were talking about the jealousy between the two cities.  Oklahoma City has a Weak Mayor, City Manager form of government.  Tulsa has a Strong Mayor, weak council.  In OKC, they talk about their previous city managers and their current city manager.  They talk about how well the city is operating on non-partisan elections.  The editorial also speaks about how well, OKC is thriving.  This article eludes to the fact that each councilor advocates for his or her own district, but they keep OKC’s best interest overall.

Tulsa on the other hand, has partisan elections, and a strong Mayor form of government.  This apparently is causing so many problems, that the editorial says, we in OKC should count our blessings.  The article eludes to the destructive behavior that is occurring in Tulsa.  They elude to problems arising and no one gets along, even in their own party affiliation.

The editorial also quotes a Tulsa World editorial.  “It’s time for a leader to step forward and end the destructive and end the destructive City Hall bickering once and for all”. 

Now the Tulsa World published another editorial about this article in the The Daily Oklahoman.  The Tulsa World’s editorial was named OUCH.

I think that they got this one right.  OUCH!!  We are seeing the mayor suggest mediation, we are seeing the council saying that they may not want to pick a mediator that the mayor suggests.  And the distrust continues…

It is time for something to happen.  I know a few folks who could mediate, but the problem is so extensive at this point it will be a waist of time and effort.  If it had only happened earlier, it might have done some good. 

So “OUCH TULSA” should be our new town slogan.  I think that we could come up with some pretty good PR campaigns that would help promote our city.  Can you see it, we remove Kathy Taylor’s slogan “A New King of Energy” and we change it with “Ouch Tulsa”.

We would then have to work on our mission statement.  Incorporating all those lies, injustice, and anything else that can be legally done by a politician, but if an employee is caught doing it, well, lets terminate them.


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I am an active radio car operator. I love to operate my radio and listening to the radio is a wonderful chore. Thanks to people like Phil, Cash, Carey, Brent and many others, it makes the time go by while driving around town.
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