Leading by Example

In recent times you can hear about the trials and tribulations of city government in Tulsa.  I know that I did not create this site to report on matters such as this, but I am shocked that our mayor (not capitalized for a reason) does not lead by example. 

I was recently asked “What I thought of the Mayor and his actions?”  My first response was that the Mayor is doing this all to grand stand.

The lack of leadership from the “corner office” (where the boss usually resides) has been presented on KTUL Channel 8 website.  They have discovered a memo from Councilor Christiansen.  They have taken this discovery one step further and they have published a story on the Lack of Leadership shown by Mayor Bartlett.  I consider this as Lack of Leadership, because Mayor Bartlett is our leader and the fact that he is neglecting his duties is shocking to me.

Now I understand that the Mayors time is valuable and that he can not serve on all fifteen (15) boards that the Mayor is appointed.  And like any leader, you have to prioritize the ones that are important and find a designee for the remaining.  Mayor Bartlett has decided to locate and appoint ten (10) designees for various boards that he can not attend personally.  That leaves five (5) boards for Mayor Bartlett to attend.

According to the research that has been conducted or directed by Councilor Bill Christiansen, those five (5) boards have met thirty-six (36) times.  During those meetings, Mayor Bartlett has only appeared at two (2) board meetings.  That leaves thirty-four (34) meetings unattended by Mayor Bartlett.

Dispite his lack of attention, these boards, (TARE, TUMA, INCOG, TPACT, and TCCLC) have all made, what Councilor Christiansen suggests,  ‘significant decisions’.  These decisions are not only ones that have a direct impact on our citizens, but they will have an impact on the way business is conducted for the next few years. 

The mayor is then recommending, to the city council, re-appointments for these boards.  These are the very same boards that Mayor Bartlett is not attending.  So I ask the question, “If you are not attending the Board Meetings, that the Charter and all other provisions provide, then how can you recommend someone’s re-appointment to that Board?”  Mayor Bartlett then speaks about how these individuals dedicate their lives to service for the City of Tulsa without pay or benefit.  Then Mayor Bartlett gets personally offended that the council does not approve the appointments.  I am sure the council was asking the same question, “If you’re not there to see their performance, how or why would you recommend them for re-appointment?”

Moving back to the memo, Mayor Bartlett responds:

“I did not receive a copy of this memo from Mr. Christiansen, but have made myself available to discuss city business with the councilors.  The Mayor recommends members and the Council approves appointments to these authorities, boards and commissions. We appoint capable, qualified individuals who spend many hours of their own time working for the citizens of Tulsa.  As leaders in their community and businesses, they are able to make recommendations on community affairs and city business  I appreciate their good judgement and leadership because  it provides me the much needed time to balance board duties with ongoing  economic development and infrastructure needs and lobbying, such as the completion of the Gilcrease Expressway and the attraction of the Space Shuttle to be located at Tulsa’s Air and Space Museum.”

Mayor Bartlett’s says he did  not receive a copy of the memo, but that he has made himself available to the council.  I ask “WHEN”?.  This apparently is the major point of contention between the council and the mayor.  The fact that he has not made himself available.

Mayor Bartlett’s seems to be “All Talk and No Show.” 

The one thing that really bothers me the most, it that we have a group of individuals who are supporting the Mayor and his lack of leadership.  Are they willing to have a city leader like this?

So if you have a group that meets weekly, maybe you all should sit down and discuss the record of our Mayor.  Maybe someone in the group is going to have some insight on the mayors activities that the rest of us don’t see and you can report it to us, the remaining un-chosen of the community.


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I am an active radio car operator. I love to operate my radio and listening to the radio is a wonderful chore. Thanks to people like Phil, Cash, Carey, Brent and many others, it makes the time go by while driving around town.
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