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Watch out….Someone is on their cellular phone

If you have an idea of looking at, reaching for, or using a cellular phone, maybe you should reconsider.  Because you might just back up traffic on the morning or afternoon drives. Advertisements

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You Tube…..

I recently have discovered several funny videos on  These videos can make you laugh, especially at someone elses mistakes.  There are several though that have the label as ‘just fun’.  Anytime you need a laugh, I suggest that you … Continue reading

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Doing What You Like

I think that it is important to do what you like.  I have learned over the last year, that in order to continue doing what you like, you must be reactive and proactive about your own efforts.

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Shield of the Trinity

I have always been fascinated with stained glass windows.  As a youth, I would sit in church and examine the windows and wonder how they made them.  As I grew older, I realized that the windows were telling a story … Continue reading

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Turn Signals

The use of turn signals are not very hard.  Although I wonder sometimes. They were designed to replace the hand signals.  Now that there are multiple traffic lanes and thousands of drivers on the road, the turn signal is something … Continue reading


The Slow Motion Effect

This is one thing that has fascinated me for many years.  In a critical moment in our lives, many have experienced this slow motion effect.  It is often described as time standing still.  I have been exploring this for years … Continue reading


Someone Agrees

It is not often when you see journalists agreeing on something.  But this month, two of the largest Oklahoma papers agree.  Now I am not necessarily shocked, but they do bring up a good point. Tulsa and Oklahoma City have … Continue reading

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